What Are You Going To Learn In This Course?

There are plenty of contractors out there who’ve sat down at their computer over a couple evenings and thrown together their own website using one of many different website builders.  There are many others who’ve hired a web developer because they were cheap or because they talked a good game and you thought you were getting something fantastic for your business…

As the time passes, and their website doesn’t deliver any results, they become disillusioned with online marketing.  They call it a scam, say it’s a waste of time, and even worse, they preach their frustration and lack of results (and knowledge) to other unknowing contractors in forums and Facebook groups.

If only they had some good guidance from the beginning on how to build their website or they knew enough about the process to hire the right web developer they might not have been so frustrated!

We’ve built and designed this course based off our years of experience building effective websites for contractors.  Our goal isn’t to teach you “design” that’s way too artsy and subjective.  Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of structure, layout, content, and lastly search engine optimization so when you build your website (or hire someone) you’ll have the skills and knowledge to build a rock solid foundation for your online marketing efforts.

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn:

Apprentice Course Level

The apprentice level goes over all of the basics.  This is perfect for those who are about to venture out and create their own website or they are beginning to explore the possibility of hiring a web developer.  It will also be very helpful for those who already have a website but are frustrated with it’s lack of results.  You can apply this information to ANY website builder such as GoDaddy, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress and more. 

  • What information you’re going to need to get together to build a great web presence.
  • How to choose an effective domain name (.com or .ca name) for your company.
  • What makes a website layout more effective at generating activity like phone calls and estimate requests.
  • How to organize your website navigation so it’s easier for visitors to get around your website.
  • How to get your service pages properly organized and how many pages you’re really going to need.
  • How to properly target your service “areas” with individual pages so you can work in the areas you want to.
  • What types of photos you’ll need and more importantly how to organize and optimize them for better search results.
  • What type of hosting you’ll need and the software you’ll need to build an effective website.
  • SSL certificates, what they are, and why they are required for good security (and good Search engine optimization).
  • Finding out who your local competition is in search results (so we can catch them).
  • How to properly setup and optimize your Google My Business listing.
  • How to properly setup and optimize your business Facebook page.

Journeyman Course Level

The journeyman level starts to familiarize you with some more advanced concepts.  Specifically you’ll start to learn about SEO (search engine optimization).  You’ll learn how to structure and develop your website content so it’s more effective at marketing your expertise and generating high-quality leads for your business.  You’ll learn how to use Google Analytics, Google Search Console and how to properly research and spy on your online competition.

If you already have a website then completing this course will likely motivate you to make some significant changes to your website or possibly even hire a new website developer.  If you’ve yet to build your website this course level will change the way you look at developing your website whether you’re doing it yourself, having it built in-house, or hiring it out.

After completing this course level you’re going to know more about an effective web presence for a contracting company then most web developers or agencies know about contractor websites.

  • You’ll learn about keywords and how to target keywords with “intent” (actual buyers).
  • You’ll learn about the two different types of SEO (search engine optimization) and the role each method plays.
  • You’ll learn about meta-tags, which are the most important, and how to properly create/edit them for maximum effect.
  • You’ll learn how to properly structure your pages and create effective and meaningful page URLS.
  • You’ll learn our 7 step formula for quickly creating awesome content for your website.
  • You’ll learn how to research and spy on competitors to apply what any optimization they’ve done to your own website.
  • You’ll learn about effective “Off Page” SEO (search engine optimization) and specifically how it helps your website.
  • You’ll learn the difference between “indexing” and “ranking” and strategies to make this happen faster.
  • You’ll learn about citations, what they are, how they help, and how to find and build them to improve your local search ranking.
  • You’ll learn how to properly change your business address or phone number if you already have a web presence.
  • You’ll learn how to install and use Google Analytics to see what is actually happening on your website.
  • You’ll learn how to use Google Search Console to discover potential problems and make improvements to your website.
  • You’ll learn about the importance of site speed and how to make your site faster for your visitors.

Master Craftsman Course Level

This course level is to empower contractors with advanced knowledge and strategies to maintain and continually expand and improve their website to make you a force to be reckoned with in search engines and your local market.  At this stage of the game you’ll find Internet Marketing is a lot easier than most people realize and you’ll become a thorn in your competitors sides.

You’ll be able to quickly and confidently discern which web developers are peddling digital crap to their customers and who really knows what they are doing should you want to hire out the development of your website.  This knowledge alone will save you thousands of dollars.

You’ll know how to put distance between you and your local competitors so your website gets found more often and convinces more of your visitors to choose you.

  • You’ll learn advanced strategies for finding new keyword opportunities to expand your website reach.
  • You’ll learn how to write effective blog posts to target these new keyword opportunities you discover.
  • You’ll learn about local business “Schema” markup.  What it is, how it helps, and how you can implement it into your website.
  • You’ll learn about “Aggregate Review Schema” markup and how it can help your website really stand out in search results.
  • You’ll learn advanced SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to continually improve your search engine ranking.
  • You’ll learn advanced backlinking strategies to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and make your website hard to catch.
  • You’ll learn how to use some specific software tools to monitor and spy on your competitors and keep tabs on your own efforts.

Here’s What You WON’T Need To Be Successful With Our Course:

  • You won’t need any prior knowledge about web design.
  • You won’t need to know any HTML code or other coding languages.

As long as you have a contracting company of some type and the desire to learn more about how to make your website and Internet Marketing efforts more effective you’re going to take away a ton of value from this course.