Your Course Instructor

This course was developed by Carl Sorensen (Me).  I’ve been involved with Internet Marketing since 2003.  My first company was a lead generation company that provided lead generation tools to sales professionals including real estate agents.  We helped independent sales people and real estate agents generate hundreds of thousands of leads over the years.

In 2008 I started Sites4Contractors after seeing a giant hole in the marketplace.  Contractors were being under served with their websites.  They were spending thousands of dollars on hastily built websites that didn’t implement any type of conversion or optimization strategy.  I knew I could bring my experience with lead generation and search engine optimization to the table.

Since 2008 we’ve helped hundreds of contractors from many different trades by building them a more effective web presence for their company.  We build websites that get our contractors found and take those visitors and turn them into new leads, estimates, and appointments.

The content of this course is a collection of everything I’ve learned about Internet Marketing for a contracting company over the last 10 years.  It represents thousands of hours (years) of trial and error and experience actually building and promoting websites for construction and trades contractors.