How Long Are The Lessons?

The lessons have been designed to be short and to the point.  The majority of the lessons are videos and they are between 2 minutes and 6 minutes long.

How Long Do I Have To Take The Course?

When you purchase the course you’ll have access for 1 year.  You can take your time without having to rush through everything.  You can take the course as many times as you wish over the period of a year.  After your year is up there will be a small annual renewal fee of $97 per year and you’ll have access to all course material updates and the review app bonus and the weekly Facebook live question and answer sessions.

Will You Show Me How To Build My Website Step-By-Step?

This isn’t a course on how to build a website.  This is a course on how to make your current website more effective.  It’s also an excellent resource if you’re just venturing out into the world of online marketing for your company and will be building the website on your own.

You’ll learn how to properly structure your website, what pages you should have, how to write great content, how to structure it, what type of photos you need, how to optimize your photos, and also how to optimize your website so your customers can find you in search engines.

Whatever website platform you choose to build your website with GoDaddy, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, etc… You’re going to learn how to make it more effective for your contracting or construction business.

If you decide to hire someone to build your website you’ll have the knowledge to make a great decision so you don’t waste your money on badly implemented solutions.

Will This Help My Business?

Absolutely!  You’re going to learn how to build a more effective website.  Whether you build it yourself or you hire a web developer you’ll have the knowledge and understanding to ensure you’re doing things right.  If you want to increase your chance of being found in search engines and increase the likelihood that a visitor will convert into a new lead or estimate request for your contracting company than YES this course will absolutely help you with your business.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any construction or trades contractor providing a local service in a local area who wants to get better results from their website and online presence.

  • Are you tired of paying lead generation companies for bottom of the barrel tire-kicking leads?
  • Have you been taken advantage of by incompetent low cost web developers in the past?
  • Have you built your own website and are frustrated by the lack of phone calls and results for your business?

Whether you’re building the website yourself or your wife or husband or your son or daughter or niece or nephew or office staff are building the website you and them will have the knowledge to build something great for your business.

You’ll develop the skills and strategies to free yourself from the bonds of the lead generation companies.  You’ll be competing with them directly and you’ll be able to do a better job!  

You won’t have to worry about the nightmare and stress of dealing with an incompetent web developer who will cost your company money and waste hours of your time.  You’ll be able to spot them from a mile away with the knowledge you’ll gain from this course.

Can I Just Hire You To Build My Website?

Yes, you sure can.  We’ve been building websites for contractors for more than 10 years.  We would be happy to build your website for you if you just don’t have the time.

However, if you take the course you’ll know how to do this on your own.  If you take the course and decide that building a website just isn’t something you want to do, or it’s too much work, we’ll credit your course purchase towards the construction of your new website.

Visit to setup your 15 minute consultation. 

How Are The Courses Delivered?

The majority of the course content is delivered with short, direct, videos.  We tackle big topics in small bursts so you’ll never have to sit through a long boring video.  We respect your time and want you to be excited about learning how to make a more effective website and online presence.

How Many Courses Are There?

There are three different courses.  Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Craftsman.  Each course comprises of several short lessons.  We’ll tackle all the topics you need to know in order to build a more effective web presence for your contracting or construction company.

You’ll start with the basics and work your way up to the more advanced topics.

Why Is The Course So Expensive?

We’ve priced our course fairly based on the value we know it brings to the table.  We’ve worked with many contractors over the years who’ve spent far more than our course value on lead generation companies, and inexperienced or incompetent web developers.  Investing in this course is an investment in yourself.

For most contractors you’ll be able to recoup the costs with just ONE project acquired through your website after you’ve implemented our methods and strategies.

What Is The Sites4 Reviews App?

The Sites4 Reviews app is an app we’ve developed for our clients to make it easier for them to collect reviews from their customers.  Our app sends a text message and an email to your client after completing their project and asks them for feedback.  It links them directly to your review box on Google, Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, Homestars, Or The Better Business Bureau.

If you have a WordPress website it will also display your Google Reviews on your website.

Will I Need To Know Any Website Coding?

Absolutely Not!  Everything we teach in this course is simple point and click.  You won’t need to be a coder to implement the strategies you’ll learn.

I Already Have A Website Will This Help Me?

Yes!  Whether you built the website yourself or hired a pro if you’re here reading this it’s because you’re not getting the results you expected or that you hear and see others getting from their website.

In this training program you’ll learn methods and strategies you can employ on ANY website, regardless of what platform it was built on.  You’ll learn things about your website and digital marketing strategy you never knew or even thought of.

Best of all you won’t need to know any geeky stuff like HTML or Javascript coding.

This course was designed for contractors, not tech geeks.