Here is some FREE content to get you started with some of the concepts I'll be teaching you in this course.

In this video I discuss low cost web developers and some of the corners they'll cut that will cost you money in wasted time and missed opportunities.  In the course I'll show you to avoid hiring the wrong person.

In this video I share a powerful SEO tip that can help your local business rank higher in search engines and gain more credibility with your potential clients in the specific geographic area that you service.

In this video I'll talk about before and after photos for your website and how you can increase visitor engagement with a before and after slider.  I'll teach you more about this function in the course.

In this video we talk about reviews and how important they are with regards to getting your website ranked in Google search engines.  I'll bust a myth and give you a little more information.

In this video we talk about "meta-tags" and the role they play in how your website gets found in search engines.  9 times out of 10 these are done wrong.  In the course we go into much greater detail on how you can create, edit, or fix the meta-tags on your own website.

In this video we talk about thin, weak, content and how it actually hurts your website and prevents you from ranking higher.  In the course I'll teach you my own 7 step formula (or framework) for creating awesome content on your website.